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LSC was incorporated in 1953 to promote a variety of shooting interests for all categories of shooter

LSC is a 501(c)3 non-profit company established to provide shooting facilities to the Littleton community and to further the interests of the shooting community at large.

Our charter

LSC exists to further the following goals:
  1. To provide the Littleton and surrounding communities a place to legally shoot in safety
  2. To provide an active and thriving community where enthusiasts may share knowledge, knowhow and experience with each other
  3. To actively support legislative efforts, both within Massachusetts and nationally, that further and protect our Second Amendment rights
  4. To actively support other organizations that support and further our Second Amendment rights
  5. To encourage newcomers to the sport, and to help them through the process of becoming active shooters
  6. To actively promote gun and range safety, both for members and the community at large